Silicon Andhra

Silicon Andhra

SiliconAndhra is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-political, non-religious, cultural and community organization based in the Silicon Valley (Bay Area), California with goals to maintain and perpetuate the Telugu Samskruti (Culture), Sahityam (Literature) and Sampradayam (Tradition) among the Telugu speaking people across world. SiliconAndhra is committed to raise the awareness of the Telugu culture among the denizens of US and integrate it seamlessly with the mainstream US culture by organizing unique cultural and literary events that depict the rich cultural heritage traditions and arts of Andhra Pradesh. SiliconAndhra represents the aspirations of Telugu speaking people across the Globe.Telugu language has a rich history of about 2500 years and its culture; traditions and literature have been dated back to early 700 BC. Art, music, dance, language, poetry, traditions, family values are the heritage of Telugu people.

Kuchipudi is the heartbeat of Telugu people. Since 2008 SiliconAndhra has organized 4 International Kuchipudi Dance Conventions to showcase this art form on the world stage.  Several thousand dancers from all over the world have taken part in these conventions.  Through the Kuchipudi initiative SiliconAndhra is protecting and promoting this beautiful art form, generating interest in tens of thousands of next generation kids to take up this dance.

SiliconAndhra has created 4 Guinness World Records for “the largest Kuchipudi dance” as part of the International Dance Conventions:

  • A Guinness record was established for the first time for largest Kuchipudi dance consisting of 332 performers at Cupertino, CA in 2008. Several artists from India were invited and students of the dance form from world over attended the convention.
  • In 2010, the second international convention was held in Andhra Pradesh. The convention concluded with a yet another world record performance by 2800 dancers performing for the thillana. The President of India, Smt. PratibhaPatil was the chief guest to this event. This event was covered live by several frontline Telugu channels from electronic media and viewed by several lakhs of viewers both in India and all across America.
  • On December 23rd, 24th and 25th 2012, Kuchipudi Dancers from all over the world congregated at the G.M.C. Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli and presented a scintillating and mesmerizing dance performance. It appeared as though the celestial dances from the heavens had descended down to earth to make the event memorable and unforgettable. The event was watched by thousands of people present in the stadium and was also telecast live for the benefit of many more who could not be present at the stadium. SiliconAndhra has rewritten History by Breaking its Own Record in SiliconAndhra 3rd IOnternational Kuchipudi Dance Convention!
  • SiliconAndhra recreated the magical moment by organizing the 4th International Kuchipudi Dance Convention on December 26th, 27th and 28th 2014. SiliconAndhra has rewritten History by Breaking its Own Record in SiliconAndhra 4th International Kuchipudi Dance Convention!  SiliconAndhra achieved 9th Gunnies World Record! 6327 Kuchipudi Dancers Participated in Maha Brinda Natyam!


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