TheVision of this Project Smart Kuchipudi  is to cultivate, promote, foster, and develop amongst Kuchipudi artistes, students, researchers, critics and the community at large, the appreciation, understanding, taste and love of Kuchipudi dance and its history, and to provide the means for popular instruction and enjoyment thereof; to collect, classify, preserve and protect records, articles and subjects of historic interest; to research, publish, promote and perpetuate the theory and practical aspects; to select, annually, one or more individuals, Gurus, corporations, dance companies, associations or other institutions as honorees to be named in the Kuchipudi Art Hall of Fame. The Kuchipudi Natyaramam is an all-inclusive world class cultural and heritage center, related to everything of Kuchipudi art form, and representing Kuchipudi art from a diversity of cultural, religious, gender, and class segments/backgrounds of the world.

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